Operation & Maintenance

We offer a complete operations and maintenance packages. Our dedicated operations and maintenance team is in constant touch through our online performance tracking platform.

Our online IoT platform offers unique features like online monitoring of solar power plant performance, and alerts & notifications for predictive data-driven operations and maintenance.

There is an extensive list of various checkpoints that we follow to make sure that plant remains up all the time. The typical process involves:

  1. Online monitoring: Daily activity
  2. Cleaning of solar panels: Once every 10-15 days
  3. Physical inspection of electrical connections: Once a month or as required
  4. Checking safety measures at the site: Once a month
  5. Physical inspection of all mechanical fixtures, structures and connections: Once every siz months or as required

We also have a team to address emergency maintenance issues of solar power plants.

We leverage latest available technologies to maximize solar power generation from our plants