Plant Capacity:
1000 kWp

Plant Location:
Pune, Maharashtra

Installed on:
GI sheet rooftop of the factory

Annual Power Generation:
15,29,000 kWh

Carbon dioxide emissions mitigated:
23459 tonnes


Zamil Steel Buildings India Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the leading PEB manufacturers in India. The plant is located at Ranjangaon, Pune. and has been installed by GeWiS Renewpower.

Steel manufacturing is basically the most energy-intensive industry. The factory consumes more than 32 lakh units of energy annually.

GeWiS have installed 1MWp rooftop solar power plant on the metal sheet rooftop of the factory. The solar plant is installed on the South-West facing roof of the factory.

The solar power plant generates about 15.2 lakh units of energy annually, and is taking up about 47% of the factory’s total energy requirement.

The system is installed under the ‘Net Metering’ scheme of MSEDCL. In this, the unused power that is generated during the daytime is fed to the grid. The units are adjusted in the night hours when solar is not available.

The system is installed under OPEX scheme. In this, the system cost is paid by one of GeWiS empanelled investors. Zamil Steel pays to the investor on an approved cost per unit for the number of units generated per month as per signed long term power purchase agreement (PPA).

The solar power plant helps in reducing about 23 thousand Tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

GeWiS is also taking care of the operation and maintenance of the solar power plant. GeWiS has installed all the required safety equipment like a ladder, walkways for ease of access. A dedicated UPVC pipe grid is also installed to conduct smooth cleaning activities.

The solar power plant is monitored online through the online monitoring system developed by GeWiSun.

GeWiSun’s ‘Reverse Power Protection System’ (RPPS) has been used to make sure that Solar and Diesel generator run in sync when there is no grid power. This helps in reducing the diesel requirement.

Zamil Steel is India’s first PEB Company to adopt solar power for its operations.