GeWiS Renewpower specializes in Turnkey Solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) for Utility Scale Solar Power Plants, Rooftops, engineering and asset management services.

Business Model

GeWiS Renewpower has an innovative business model that protects clients from techno-financial and commercial risks in using Solar Power while delivering long term commercial savings and contributing significantly towards environmental sustaniblity.

Solar Capex Model Service : Solar plant owner pays 100% of the Solar PV installations system cost upfront. Unlike the OPEX model, where the investor owns the asset, in the CAPEX model the end consumer can own the asset and therefore has the ability to control their Power Costs in the future.

Rooftop Focus

We are fully dedicated to the distributed (rooftop) sector versus those where rooftop segment forms a very small percentage of their overall business. This enables us to leverage on the understanding in this space and address the challenges typical in this segment.

Solar Expertise

GeWiS Renewpower is run by experts in engineering & energy sector. It is amongst the few companies that have end to end in-house capabilities across all aspects- including Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Monitoring and Maintenance.

World Class Organization

GeWiS Renewpower adopts best practices across Products, Process, Technology and Employee Health Safety (EHS) standards known world-wide.Has Received Several Recognition For Solar Rooftop Project Development

Our Safety First (SF) program ensuring highest industry and safety standards.

Agility and Responsiveness

With quick turnaround time, from initiation to completion, GeWiS ensures that the customer is at the heart of the organization. We guarantee delivery in our committed time frame.