From site surveys and feasibility reports to the lifetime maintenance of the plant, we undertake turnkey projects across the life of the plant; ensuring our clients have all the resources they need for a bankable project. Our In-house design and engineering team, efficient construction teams and deep industry and technology know-how are our forte. GeWiS Renewpower goes beyond the contract and their value engineering ensures customers reap the maximum benefits.


We will help you make the right technology and strategy choices towards better environmental and financial results.


Investment advisory for Solar based initiatives and funding options for solar projects from our partner banks and investment firms

Design & Planning

From design considerations, technology selection through construction practices, we ensure highest yield through lifecycle of the plant.

Sourcing & Installation

With our endless pursuit to work with the industry's finest, we will assist you in choosing the best fit for your project goals.

Operations & Maintenance

We will help you achieve maximum returns from your Solar Plant by optimizing your solar production.

  Rooftop & Ground Mounted

GeWiS Renewpower provides customized Rooftop & Ground Mounted solutions for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutes, and Hospitals. Based on the site conditions it can be Solar On-Grid, Hybrid, Off-Grid.

There are various technologies, techniques and approaches employed for setting up a Solar PV Plant. This may vary from selection of a mounting structure, type of inverter and module technology to the financing approach considered. Engineering and Economics play a major role in these decisions. We at GeWiS Renewpower will be with you throughout this journey.


GeWiS Renewpower provides the following Integrated Design and Engineering Services from Concept to Commissioning.

Integrated Design and Engineering Services

  • Project Feasibility Analysis
  • Design and Engineering Services
    • • Solar PV
    • • Electrical
    • • Structural
    • • Civil
  • Concept and Pre-Design
  • Liaisoning Services.
  • Process Design & Optimization

Asset Management (O&M)

A typical Solar PV plant has life of over 20 years, and although Solar PV plants have no moving parts; a solar plant needs no Operations & Maintenance (O&M) is a myth. With lowering tariffs, the O&M of the plant can determine the overall profitability of the plant and can impact the project IRRs significantly.

Our core objective is to deliver beyond guaranteed plant performance for the O&M period within budget, with a focus on sustainability and performance maximisation to delight the Customer.

The GeWiS Renewpower O&M team is today maintaining assets across multiple locations in India and overseas. Our approach is to focus on maximising plant useful life and generation maximisation.