• GeWiSun is a IOT based solar plant health monitoring system
  • It includes indigenously developed
    • • Irradiation, temperature and humidity sensors
    • • Device readers (MODBUS)
    • • Communication nodes
    • • Intelligent Gateway
    • • Web based UI
    • • Local and Remote UI
    • • Data storage

Pyranometer : Our own Sun sensor

GeWiS indigenously developed photo diode based pyranometer has been tested and certified by Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).

GeWiS pyranometer provides a much cheaper alternative to the pyranometers currently available in the market.


  • Single source manufacturing
    • • All sensors, data logger and IOT software made under one roof gives reliability and long term availability at very competitive price
  • Accessibility
    • • We provide both local and remote monitoring
  • Scalability
    • • Our system is highly scalable. In order to add devices we just need to add sensor nodes which is almost 10 times cheaper than any plc communication card
  • Coverage Area
    • • Due to wireless communication between nodes, our system can cover a huge area of plant with little additional cost



  • Ethernet Based
  • Wi Fi Based
  • Inverter reading any make
  • Iraadation Sensor
  • Weather sensors (Temp, Humidity, Wind)
  • Wireless communication
  • Bluetooth Acess
  • Battery backup
  • Scalability
  • Reading Multiple location Inverter in same premise

Web Portal

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Local Monitoring
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Energy Dashboard - Provides the data on quantum of power from Grid, DG and Solar
  • Performance Ratio
  • Energy/ kwp/ day
  • Deemed Generation - Gives the loss of generation due to plant downtime
  • Projected Vs Actual - User can compare the current plant performance against the projected value they received at the time of installation
  • Sun Vs Actual - User can compare energy conversion efficiency of the plant. The Sun suggests the total energy that could have been produced
  • System Alerts
  • System Analysis
  • Savings
  • User based Data